Duchessa Lia launches a message of hope and optimism: #iobrindoalfuturo!

The new print, TV and radio advertising campaign

Valerio is a driver, Nancy is a beautician, Alessandra is a shop assistant. Francesca plays the violin, Piero is a restaurateur, Laura is a teacher, while Luca has chosen to be a doctor.

Common people, living normal lives. Yet, together, they are extraordinary: because they are the foundation of the communities where we live in and thanks to their unrelenting commitment, day after day, they are building a common future.

Starting on Monday June 7 and until the end of the month, on the main newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, Valerio, Nancy, Piero, Laura, Luca and many others will be toasting to the future: to the solidarity and oneness that have always distinguished Italians when overcoming difficult times. A toast that, even at a distance, calls us to raise our glasses and support each other in building a more mindful and hopeful future.

Duchessa Lia, the premium brand of Cantine Capetta, entrusts its message of rebirth to common people: names and faces that are witnesses of real life, captured during the common yet exciting moment of toasting. For Duchessa Lia, each toast is a joyful second of connection with the people we care about, the right way to celebrate accomplishments and, more than ever, revive hope for a better future.

For Duchessa Lia, toasting to the future is the most positive of all messages, a wish and, at the same time, a commitment to look beyond the difficulties, imagining that everything can start again and that, together, we can face any challenge.


The #iobrindoalfuturo campaign of Duchessa Lia will also be on social media. From June 7, everyone can upload a photo of their toast on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #iobrindoalfuturo. On your own or in company of your loved ones, help us to create a nationwide raising of glasses: a toast telling dozens of different stories, our stories, united by hope.

Help us spread this message of hope: post a photo of you toast on your social media accounts and use the hashtag #iobrindoalfuturo!

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