Bagna Cauda Days

Bagna Cauda Days


But did you know that Bagna Cauda has dedicated days?

The famous "Bagna Cauda Day"! In fact, on 24-25-26 November and 1-2-3-December the great culinary event will return which brings the main dish of Piedmontese cuisine to the tables of participating venues in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. A unique opportunity to taste what is a real institution for every native "piemunteis"! The right climate and the right company it is certainly an opportunity to share traditions, friendship and territory.

Since we imagine that you all know the recipe, you can still remedy this with another article on our blog (link to the bagna cauda recipe article), we'll tell you a bit of the history of this centuries-old dish.

The recipe is typical of Lower Piedmont, as in past centuries in that area it was very easy to obtain salted anchovies, the fundamental ingredient. Ancient Piedmont in fact supplied itself with salt from the salt pans of what was then Savoy territory, Provence and the mouth of the Rhone, the so-called salt route. Legend has it that the trade in salted anchovies was a way to trade salt, thus avoiding paying the high duties: tubs full of salt had, when checked by the tax collectors, a layer of salted anchovies in the upper part. There are some doubts, such as the fact that salted anchovies were actually even more expensive and could not be "wasted" in that way, but as we know, legends are lost in the mists of time...

It was certainly rejected for a long time by the bourgeois classes; in fact, written information on this dish is rather rare in Piedmontese gastronomic texts. The first detailed description of bagna càuda in its current version was written by Roberto Sacchetti in 1875.

There are those who maintain that the oil to be used for the preparation should be walnut oil and not olive oil, which is traditionally Ligurian. In reality, in southern Piedmont, until well into the 18th century, there was a widely documented production of olive oil.

Now that you know the story, all you have to do is savor it accompanied by a good structured red like our Barbera d'Asti Superiore Galanera DOCG or an excellent Barbaresco DOCG.


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