The dark legends of Roero

The Dark legends of Roero


One of the characteristics of the Roero are the "Rocche", blocks of stone which originate, according to thousand-year-old legends, from none other than Beelzebub who built them with a basket the size of a castle and a spade. All in just one night. In fact, it seems that the local nobles wanted to build a large fortress in a place suitable for defense, but the undertaking seemed impossible. “The Devil should help us!” one of them said during a meeting. And suddenly Beelzebub appeared and offered his help, but with a very clear request: all the souls of those who would die fighting in that area.

The proposal was immediately accepted by the nobles and the devil, in one night, built the enormous earthen wall.

The feudal lords, however, agreed for a period of peace, deceiving the devil who was already anticipating the calculation of how many souls he would capture. This naturally infuriated him and in no time at all he destroyed everything he had built, giving rise to all the asperities, the overhangs, the gullies, the uncultivable cliffs which are precisely the "Rocche del Roero".

Another very famous legend is that of the Micilina masca of Pocapaglia. The woman was arrested, tortured and tried for witchcraft in the square of Pollenzo, which was the backdrop to numerous terrible and tragic persecutions during the Holy Inquisition.

In the 1544, therefore in the midst of the "witch hunt", Micilina was in fact accused of witchcraft. They were dark years and ignorance, envy or resentment were enough to label someone a "Witch". On 29 July Micilina was tried and condemned to the stake in the square of Pollenzo. Even today, on the hill north of Pocapaglia, two enormous chasms are witnesses of those tragic and unjust moments: the "Rocca della Porcheria" and the "Rocca Bignina". Legend has it that on the darkest and stormiest nights Micilina and the other unjustly condemned women gather to populate the Rocks, the scene of their suffering.


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