Alta Langa Duchessa Lia, Metodo Classico that is a passionate choice of style and culture

Alta Langa Duchessa Lia

 Metodo Classico that is a passionate choice of style and culture

Duchessa Lia has launched an ambitious and stimulating project: that of an Alta Langa Docg Metodo Classico that brings the style and taste of a great and exclusive Italian sparkling wine to the tables of families, at parties with friends and at parties.

Declined with the territorial cut, which is typical of the brand, Alta Langa Duchessa Lia is at the top of the range of wines signed by the company. It does so by enhancing the qualities, characteristics and even the image of the first Italian Classic Method sparkling wine that had its cradle in Piedmont over a century and a half ago.

With her Alta Langa Duchessa Lia intends to bring that style, that absolute search for quality, that Italian taste, to the center of daily events, but also of all those particular moments that mark everyone's life. Always with absolute respect for the excellence that represent the most virtuous and appreciated "Made in Italy".

For Duchessa Lia, the Alta Langa Docg project, which is now taking its first steps, is the ideal opportunity to confirm the focus that takes its cue from the consolidated claim of the brand - "Nobili Vini del Piemonte" - regarding the entrepreneurial delivery of the maison and to the very spirit of a family that has deep roots in one of the finest wine territories in the world.

Choosing and proposing the Alta Langa Duchessa Lia is, therefore, not only an option of taste and style, but also a cultural operation. Because behind and inside the elegant bottle, in addition to a sparkling wine with a unique and highly prized character, there is history, knowledge, will, determination and, last but not least, the passion for the great tradition of Piedmontese wine.


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