Duchessa Lia on QN Itineraries: noble toasts!

Duchessa Lia on QN Itineraries
noble toasts!

Family portrait. Cantine Capetta, the group started in 1953 by Francesco Capetta, is now managed by his sons Riccardo, Gabriella, Maria Teresa and Carla: today the company is a leader in the segment of Piedmontese wines at national level and Duchessa Lia with 5 million bottles the anno is the premium brand, expression of the most prestigious terroirs and range of Doc and Docg that the public has come to know also thanks to large-scale distribution.

Cantine Capetta between Langhe and Asti since 1953 have been handed down from father to son while maintaining the original philosophy unchanged: sustainability and innovation at the service of quality. Here is the article published on December 20 for QN Itineraries, the food and wine magazine of the National Daily whose Christmas issue is dedicated to the winemaking excellence of Italy.

The land covered by the "well-hoe vineyards" mentioned by Cesare Pavese who was from these parts; the trust of over 300 winemakers who at each harvest give their Moscato grapes to become one of the famous Piedmontese wines; an entrepreneurial culture that has made innovation and sustainability its identity figures; and a family that has written important pages in the wine world in Santo Stefano Belbo, a middle ground between Langhe and Asti.

One evidence: there is a lot of storytelling in the history of Cantine Capetta, a group started by father Francesco in 1953 and now run by his sons Riccardo, Gabriella, Maria Teresa and Carla Capetta. Because the wines are eloquent: they know how to speak. They have made this company a leader in the segment of Piedmontese wines at national level and of Duchessa Lia (5 million bottles a year) the "premium brand", expression of the most prestigious terroirs of the region and range of Doc and Docg that the public he has learned to appreciate in large distribution.

Starting with those signed by Germano Bosio, historical winemaker of the Capetta family, such as Galanera, Barbera d'Asti Superiore, deep red tending to garnet and fragrances of berries, plums and spices, or as Nebbiolo d'Alba with its harmonious and full-bodied flavor. Without forgetting the Brachetto d’Acqui, a red sparkling wine with a fine perlage, the iconic Barbaresco Docg by Duchessa Lia with warm orange reflections and an ethereal bouquet. And, of course, Moscato d'Asti which this year - confirms the oenologist Paolo Bussi - presented itself with "very healthy grapes, rich in sugars and unrivaled aromas". History and stories.

Like those brought to the media by the advertising campaign "Nobili Vini del Piemonte" created last summer by Mimmo Beltramone to indicate the inclusive mood of the Capetta house and to mark the deliberately non-elitist profile of the great Duchessa Lia wines. Brilliant operation of Instant Advertising: making consumers the true ambassadors of the company, entrusting the faces of any person and from the most disparate professions with the slogan #iobrindoalfuturo, with the symbolic charge that a similar phrase could and continues to have in a country strongly marked by the pandemic and eager to believe in a rebirth.

A question of recognizability that the Santo Stefano Belbo maison seems to hold a lot together with the core values ​​of Duchessa Lia and her “Noble wines of Piedmont”. Riccardo Capetta himself, president of the family cellars confirms this: “The palmares of prizes assigned to our wines is very rich. But there is one that is more precious than the others: the trust that our customers place in us ".

Paolo Galliani

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