“Wine As Hobby, Wine As Passion” Interview With Eleonora “Enozioni” Galimberti

“Wine As Hobby, Wine As Passion”
Interview With Eleonora Galimberti Of “Enozioni”

"Make your day noble.” This is the theme of 2019 for Duchessa Lia. You may have already noticed it weaving its way through our Noble Stories, a selection of vignettes about Piedmont’s nobility. Now, we are expanding this theme to the present day with a series of interviews conducted with bloggers who share with us their personal idea of nobility and Duchessa Lia wine.

Today we are speaking with Eleonora Galimberti, the writer and soul behind Enozioni. In anticipation of Vinitaly, she is sharing with us a few of her personal tips for getting the most out of Italy’s most important wine fair.

Eleonora Galimberti

Who is Enozioni and what does she do in life? 

I was born in Lake Como, grew up on the outskirts of Milan, but have Tuscany in my veins. I graduated with a degree in Business Communications and Public Relations and then went on to study to become an AIS Sommelier and further my education at Bocconi with a Master in Food & Beverage Management. 

Born a Libra, my character lives up to the sign. I am an incurable romantic with an innate instinct for beauty in the details. By following my passions, I have had the immense fortune to always work in the sectors of my dreams. After university, I worked for a time at a top Italian fashion house where I really honed my professional work ethic. I then had the opportunity to enter the world of food & wine at a high level, working at a prestigious Maison de Champagne definitely created a new passion for fine food and wine. From an early age I dreamt of being a writer, in today’s age of social media, being a digital content creator seemed like a good compromise, which is how “Enozioni” came to be. The website is a curation of all my passions: writing, food & wine, culture, design, luxury tourism, restaurants and high-end hotels. Because of the nature of the content, I was named Enozioni a “Digital Atelier.” 

What made you fall in love with wine? 

I believe that it is something deeply ingrained in my DNA. My mother was born and raised in a Tuscan vineyard by a rural farming family. However, it was only something that I gradually came to realize as I began to explore the wonderful world of wine. From the beginning, Enozioni’s main subject has been wine. As the name suggests, the website “tells the emotions of wine,” it listens to the stories and explores the connections of wine with other aspects of lifestyle: gastronomy, travel, wellness, design and culture. 

What wine represent, or should represent, in someone’s life? 

Wine is much more than a beverage. It is alive, was born of love, has a distinct personality, grows and evolves, expresses values and arouses emotions. It deserves complete respect. My approach to wine has always taken this into consideration, writing about its ability to inspire and fascinate; the capability of creating emotions and experiences that stick in the memory. When you approach wine, you should let go of time. Be present in the moment with the wine, letting it take the lead of the experience and then imagine taking a mental snapshot to remember forever. It is only in doing this that someone can truly engage and interact with wine in a meaningful way. 

Eleonora Galimberti

Noble. What are the characteristics that make a wine noble? What feelings does it arouse? 

Tasting wine is pure pleasure, but enjoying is an art. And art makes us feel alive. I believe that every wine has the right characteristics to be considered “noble” as it relates to excellence. It is important to remember that wine has long been a symbol of a good life, it was a cultural heritage that reaches back to the times of the Ancients. For thousands of years, Italy has been one of the world’s most prominent ambassadors of excellence wine. With all this in mind, for me, a “noble” wine is one that can claim excellence, has a storied identity (even if it isn’t as old as the Ancients) and is endowed with a great personality, balance and elegance. 

Vinitaly is coming up. How do you organize your time wisely when visiting the largest wine fair in Italy? 

Keeping things straight amongst all the pavilions at Vinitaly can be a complex undertaking and generally requires careful planning and organization. The logistics of the visit cannot be left to the last minute, especially if you are only attending one or two days of the fair. The goal is to avoid arriving, with ticket in hand, and then entering the fair space with the question, “Good, and now where do we begin?” 

That is why I suggest arriving with a clear idea of what you want to see already in mind. Once you have your lodgings and transportation secure, I recommend creating a plan of action, mapping out the stalls and pavilions you want to visit, about a week before the event. You can work in how much time for each stall, as well as for stops, and free excursion time, so that you make the most of your visit. 

For those who are planning a tasting-driven Vinitaly, I would suggest to begin with the bubbles, just as you would when at a dinner. The path for tasting should be sparkling (first charmat then traditional method), young white, structured white, rose, young red, structured red, and ending with sweet white and red wine. After all of this, then you can venture into fortified wines. It is important to avoid mixing too many styles of wine, it will ruin the tastings, and of course, to keep your wits about you and not get drunk! Let your personal preferences guide which regions to visit, but I definitely recommend diversifying your tastings between a region’s most famous producers, smaller winemakers and new entrants. I believe this is the secret to having an engaging and memorable Vinitaly experience.

Can you recommend a Duchessa Lia label that people must try at Vinitaly? 

I recommend, and will definitely be trying again, is the Barbaresco DOCG by Duchessa Lia. It is a grand Piedmont red wine, an ambassador of the territory in the world, and of course, the cousin of Barolo. They share vines – both wines are made from Nebbiolo – and have overlapping growing areas, which always makes it interesting to compare and contrast the two wine styles. The Barbaresco DOCG by Duchessa Lia is an excellent example of this important appellation, it is immensely graceful and elegant on the palate. Its structure fully incorporates the austerity of 100% Nebbiolo, but it is refined and enjoyable. In my opinion, this is a fantastic all-around wine that can just as easily enjoyed paired with food or drunk alone.

Barbaresco Docg Duchessa Lia

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