Imagining means creating relationships

Imagining means creating relationships
interview with Lucia Carniel 


«I come from another world. I didn’t start as a food blogger and I have done other things for most part of my life. I used to work for an Italian multinational corporation, but I was already passionate about food, wine and writing.».  


This is what Lucia Carniel, author of the blog L’ultima fetta. Curiosa,tells about herself. Curious, creative, cheerful – she is a perfectionist, but with the ability to get back in the game even after some setbacks. “Life has made me face some health problems that have subsequently brought me to put myself first. I have quitted my job and started my life as a blogger, which has made me more independent and has given me the chance to cultivate my true passion.”

Lucia, it is a pleasure to have you here on the Duchessa Lia blog. When did your adventure as a food blogger begin?

I have been writing and publishing my work since 2016, but it has only been a year since I have decided to make a career out of it.

What differentiates you from all the other food bloggers online?

Internet teems with recipes that lack stories. I only wanted to tell stories. Recipes are nothing but the last page of a culinary creation that has to do with people’s lives and the places where they live. I wanted to tell stories about people, places, and my travels – all through the point of view of food: delicious experiences that create appetizing recipes.

Food and images: what do you look for when you take a picture for a recipe?

I am a perfectionist and an aesthete. Images are the first thing people see when reading, and so I plan each shot to the very detail. Words are also important and I also choose them very carefully. I would like to create content that convey emotions filtered by my imagination. This is why people choose to follow me. Imagining means creating a relationship: between you and your story and between your story and the people who will be reading it.

You have just come back from Duchessa Lia’s blog tour among the hills of the wine region of Piedmont. What impressed you about this experience?

Even though Langhe, Asti and Monferrato are described as rugged and arduous territories, I have seen that they are ruled by a profound harmony. A type of harmony that permeates everything: the territory and the people who cultivate it, the food and the wines paired with it, the colors as well as the atmosphere. I have noticed a synergic energy among the elements present – it was as if everything conspired to “create” what is now seen and tasted.

It’s time for recipes: which wine and dish would you recommend?

I’m mentioning some recipes and pairings that you can also find on my blog.

I’ll start with a fish dish: “cooked octopus and potato mousse” (>> recipes here). I recommend pairing it with Duchessa Lia Asti Secco DOCG to create “a set of flavors that simultaneously recall the sea, the mountains, summer and winter”.

Desserts are my passion. I would like to recommend two. First off is the Tarte tropézienne, a pastry from Saint-Tropez: it is soft and filled with fragrant a custard that goes perfectly well with the spring scents of Duchessa Lia Mostacato d’Asti DOCG (>> qui recipe here). The other one is a classic recipe, lthe hazelnut cake. In this case, we can use Duchessa Lia Moscato d’Asti DOCG to prepare zabaglione: an array of aromas that would certainly not leave you disinterested.

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