Fashion according to me: an interview with My Glamour Attitude

 Fashion according to me:
an interview with My Glamour Attitude


«Glamor is lightness with a touch of frivolity.
It is the ability to express oneself in fullness, without necessarily following fashions».


Born in Gragnano, citizen of the world, stubbornly passionate about fashion. Many people know her as Maria Giovanna Abagnale, but a lot more people click on her “second name”. Maria is the author behind the blog My Glamour Attitude, thanks to which she has become a popular fashion blogger or – as she defines it herself – a “beauty reporter”.

Maria Giovanna, who or what is My Glamour Attitude?

My Glamour Attitude is a blog, a project and a job. The blog was made in 2012, wanting it to become a site dedicated to Italian fashion. At the time I was studying Digital Cultures and Communication in Naples, taking my first steps in social networks. A few months later, I have noticed that people were mostly looking for general information. They wanted to interact with me, understand my take on fashion, make-up and the fine things. That was when I have decided to be more involved, turning it into a project genuinely based on me and on my experiences. Collaborations with companies have started later, slowly transforming my initial passion to a proper occupation.

How did you become a “professional” fashion blogger?

It certainly wasn’t a strategy, but a real passion of mine. We can say that it was due to my perseverance. It all started as a game, but never have I ever given up. I remember how my first pictures were taken by my grandmother! Even through the tough times, even though there was no immediate compensation from what I was doing, I still pushed through, simply because I loved what I was doing.

Is this what sets you apart from other bloggers?

Perhaps, it was precisely because there has been no economic reason behind it, only a lot of creativity and spontaneity. I think it is because people have felt the truth behind my content, and not the desire to make it big. I have always talked about fashion in my own way, with all the freedom I could master.

What does «glamour» mean?

Glamour is lightness with a touch of triviality. It is the ability to express oneself, without necessarily following trends. Glamour does not mean “fashion-addicted”, but the ability to express and create one’s own style: free and playful.

This year Duchessa Lia, in communicating, has chosen the theme of nobility, also through the use of the hashtag #makeyourdaynoble. What does «noble» mean to you?

Nobility is something related to one’s spirit, and not to his social status. It refers to the intimate and personal way in which we act around people, striving to create relationships based on reciprocity and sharing. Nobility means “leaving a positive mark on others”, not because you have made it to the covers of glossy magazines, but because you have given people something precious.

Have you ever encountered a #makeyourdaynoble experience through your blog?

Absolutely. Many girls have written me not asking for professional advice or for a review, they don’t even want to talk about fashion at all. They want a sincere human interaction, a place to talk about their stories. I have always tried to listen to them, not as a psychologist, obviously, but rather as a friend

Christmas is almost here and we will also ask you to pair a Duchessa Lia wine to an outfit.

I have very clear ideas for Christmas. For me it means lightness, sophistication, warmth and magnificence. Therefore I recommend bright clothes: sequins, ornaments, rhinestones…all finished with gold-coloured details. I pair this outfit with the Duchessa Lia’s Blanc de Blanc, an elegant and expressive sparkling wine.

On the contrary, a total black look is needed for the New Year: elegant without being serious, comfortable for dancing, refined but not snobbish. The wine needed for this occasion is Duchess Lia’s Barbaresco DOCG: an important and mellow red wine with a touch of lightness, always calling for another sip.

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