Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia: sun, sand and freshness

 Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia



The sun is the first thing that comes to mind when uncorking a bottle of Roero Arneis Duchessa Lia. Then, you will feel the caress of a fresh and light forest breeze. And finally, you will feel the sand.

Because a glass of Roero Arneis contains the wonder of Roero and the hills that stretch on the left of the Tanaro River, just opposite the Langhe.

Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia is born from the bright sun that shines on these hills whole year round. Its rays are “trapped” by the grapes, enabling them to become brilliant shades of gold. It is the fruit of the woods around Roero that make it a wild and uncontaminated territory, endowing it with freshness. And most importantly, Arneis carries the delicate scents of the sands of its hills engraved in its DNA.

The scents of the sands?

Exactly. The characteristics of each wine are deeply influenced by the territory and this also applies to Roero Arneis, whose white grapes have been cultivated in Roero for centuries and have called this area its home.

Roero has a very unique soil made up of sands, clays and limestone. Some areas reveal streaks of gypsum, as seen from quarries that were operative during the last century. Sand creates a more porous soil that absorbs more water, thus retaining less nutrients. So, the vines will yield bunches that are suitable for producing less structured wines with faint color yet fine and elegant. RRoero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia  stands out for its fruity and floral notes: aromas of white flowers and yellow fruit, such as wisteria, chamomile, peach, pear and apricot.

The limestone and gypsum present in the soil endow this Roero Arneis with minerality, giving it an enticing flavor and freshness that make every sip a delectable experience.

One last thing that a good taster must know about Roero Arneis is its light almond aftertaste. This is the variety’s signature flavor, the wine’s very essence that sets it apart from the rest. It is a light, elegant and bitter note that completes the sweet aromas, enriching each drink.


Fries and game?

Absolutely yes. The pleasant and bright Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia  is ideal even for a simple aperitif before watching the game. We recommend it with a yummy club sandwich with salmon and veggies, but it’s great with fries too.

Spaghetti allo scoglio for the whole family?

Perfect. Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia  is definitely a match for fish, especially if it is as tasty as a plate of spaghetti allo scoglio. The bitter and fresh note cleanses the mouth and is perfect with the sweet tomato flavor.

I don’t feel like cooking: let’s get sushi?

Then open that Roero Arneis Docg Duchessa Lia: nothing goes better with raw fish! The flavor and freshness of Arneis will surely add a touch of elegance to your meal!

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